Please ask God to meet the following needs:

  • Children-ask God to bless the children with a good education, three healthy meals each day, and
    clothing that fit them properly.
  • Children’s home-we are asking God to provide finances to build a proper home for children who
    have no home or for children who’s family cannot support their full needs.
  • Bible College-we are asking God to provide finances to build colleges in various places to meet the
    educational needs of the people of India who desire to learn more about God and to spread God’s
    Word throughout India. We are also asking God to translate the work into the various languages
    within India so that all may learn about God and be able to read it in their own language.
  • children ministry-we’d like to be able to host more childrens camps, vbs, etc to help spread God’s
    Word to the children of India so they may go and tell others about what Jesus has done for them.
    We will be hosting these programs in the schools and villages within India. Also we’d like to be able
    to give small gifts or school supplies to the children at the end of each program.
  • Relief activities-we would like to be able to help more people with shelter, clothing, food etc when
    the floods and tsunami’s come and destroy all their belongings.
  • Hospital-we would like to provide medical services to those who have been injured or who have
    medical conditions for a very low cost. first we would need a building and then we would need
    finances to meet the extra cost of the medical needs