India is the second largest populated country in the world, with more than one billion citizens.
There are more than 126 million child labourers in India.
REAL INDIA has been doing children’s camps every month in different villages and schools. The main Vision and Mission is to reach the children with the Word of God because they are the coming generation of God’s Kingdom.

About the CBC Program

In India, children get summer vacation for two months in May and June. We at REAL INDIA conduct children’s camps every year during summer vacation. We plan to host children’s camps in 4 villages with 300 children under the age of 14. We sort the children into different groups as beginners, juniors, Intermediates and seniors, with 10 teachers. The camps last 5 days. On the final day we gather them with their parents and we issue certificates and gifts for the children. Please pray for this program.

We need your prayers and support for these camps.

  • Tsunami relief: REAL INDIA did Tsunami relief in Prakasam Dist, helped many fishermen with nets, because nets are their livelihood. We helped them and they were so happy.
  • Flood relief Programs: REAL INDIA did relief camps in Guntur district AP and Srikakulam and Orissa. We reached many Khadamal (Orissa) people with Love of GOD. To see pictures of this effort, please see our Relief programs


Church Ministry

In Hyderabad city we have a Church Ministry where approximately 60 people attend, most of them are illiterates. They come from different parts of Andhra Pradesh in order to work in the city. GOD Blessed us with church building and we are gathering in the Church Building every sunday. Please pray for the church ministry and for the church building Needs . We also have two associate churches in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State.

Community Activities

REAL INDIA aims to always be on the front line to help the poor and needy. We take part in community efforts like Tsunami relief and flood relief camps, helping people who lost houses in different parts of India.

Free School Supplies camps

At REAL INDIA we have a burden to reach every child with the Word of GOD. With this goal, we select a village and visit the schools. We talk to the authorities to get permission to help the kids with school supplies. They arrange the meeting, so we can go with school supplies and share with them a few words about Jesus Christ. You can really see the real joy and happiness in their faces when we bless them with these needed supplies. Please pray and seek God if He will have you or others you know help with this program. Please contact us for more information if you’d like to help.

Feeding Center

: In the city of Hyderabad there is a big slum area. 8,000 families are living there with nearly 5,000 of them children. There are many orphan and very poor children who cannot attend school and are illiterate. They also do not eat properly which causes health problems. We are praying for finances to be provided to start a feeding program for these children and eventually their families living in the slum areas of Hyderabad. We’d like to start out by helping 100 children with food and schooling.

Schooling: We’d like to provide the children with school books, homework books, and regular school supplies. We’d like to provide them with teachers from our center who will help them for 2 hours Monday-Saturday each week with homework and their studies.

Dorcas Sewing Center

The reason why we started this Dorca’s sewing Center because, in India sewing very popular like very few people will buy readymade cloths but most of the people they buy outfit and stich and it low in budget so many will prefer to stich according their taste and one more thing is, the place where are serving the Lord, we found so many people at home jobless, so we thought why don’t we start sewing center and through that we can reach people with Jesus then we prayed God and he revealed the name Dorca’s. We started this in 2012 Jan 26th.

Rice Distribution

The Rice Distribution Program (RDP) was created in 2012 through the vision, raising some funds to purchase as much rice as possible and go throughout the villages spreading the Gospel of Jesus and feeding those in need.

Please seek the Lord and ask Him how you can be a committed supporter for this RDP Program

Medical camps

Orphans Home

REAL INDIA received a vision to help the poor, especially orphans. According to that vision we have been supporting two orphans. Right now we don’t have an orphanage building. We have a proposal to start an orphans home in this year (2010). We are planning to take in orphans and semi-orphans (those with parents who are unable to support them) to educate and prepare them, so that when they grow up they will be joyful servants of God. We need your prayers and support for the building of this home.

Social Activities

Apart from all these Spiritual activities, REAL INDIA is also involved in Social Activities. REAL INDIA is involved in the Pulse Polio Government program. Also, recently REAL INDIA was involved in the Tsunami relief program in Prakasam and Krishna District, where we distributed rice, dhal, oil and nets for Tsunami affected people. REAL INDIA would like to be involved and help in all Government related relief activities.