Bible College

REAL INDIA has a vision and desire to start a Bible College for Youth. In India many of our youth are spoiling their lives when they are in the world. We at REAL INDIA plan to bring them into the love of the Lord, give them a very good training and send them to the ˜fields as servants of God.

English Medium school

In India most of the pastors are not making an effort to give a good English education to their children. We are challenging them to give their children a good education in English. We also want to take poor Christians children and teach them as instruments of GOD. We d like to start an English school to help all these children.

Christian Hospital

REAL INDIA is planning to start a Christian hospital for everybody in need. Our fees will be very low, so that all can afford it. Please kindly pray for this need in your prayers -Â this is a very important need in India.