Jay and Suji Garnipudi

Evangelism, Literacy and More

A non-profit organization
Established in 1997
Inter-denominational operation
Working together with other organizations
Reaching the People with Authenticity!

REAL India Ministries stands for Rural Evangelism and Adult Literacy India. REAL India Ministries is a Non-Profit organization established in 1997 by Jayakumar Garnipudi. The ministry is under the leadership of Jay and his wife, Sujatha Rani Garnipudi (Suji). It operates inter-denominationally, working together with other organizations who share a heart for the people of India. Jay’s vision is to go into mostly rural areas and support them, while teaching adults and children alike to read and write.

Having the simple skills of reading and writing helps the people find work and provide for their families. By ministering to their physical needs and showing them love they are also able to share the Good deeds with the people. Now these individuals can share their love they received with others in their community.

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