Christmas Gift Boxes 2022

As the Christmas season draws closer, we are reminded of the grace of GOD as we have been kept safe and healthy during this Pandemic. By HIS grace, we are planning to prepare 1200 Christmas boxes to reach nearby children as we visit new Tanda’s. It brings us great joy to see a million-dollar smile on these children’s faces.
It is an exciting time here at Real India Ministries as we make preparations to reach more souls for Christ. Each box will contain 25 carefully selected items for each child. We are excited to pack, seal, and deliver each Christmas box to children in nearby villages and we have already set dates for us to distribute these gifts as we share the Gospel and expand our reach year after year. 

Brothers and Sisters we need your prayers and financial support so we can meet our goal. Help us bring hope, love, and Christ into the hearts of those who may feel forgotten. Your financial support is always tax-deductible and we cannot do what we do without you!

Each Box $10.

Here is a Video Presentation on How the Christmas Boxes are made!

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