Real India Ministries offers a range of services to the communities we serve. If you would like to donate to any of these projects, please visit our contact page.

Real India Churches

Two hundred members attend our three churches across Telangana state. We started the first church in Hyderabad on April 24, 2011 with two believers within a government quartered community. By the grace of God, we inaugurated a second church for worship services in 2015. The members of these two churches reached out to the remote, unreached villages in the Telangana region, establishing relationships with them through our social activities. We then started preaching the Gospel and built God’s love in the people. The third Real India Church, Kadilibai Tanda was established in this way. Tanda are small villages of the Banjara Community.

Bread of Life Feeding Programs

Many children in the nearby communities needed food. Real India Ministries decided to meet this need by creating the Bread of Life Centre. Each day, we feed around 160 kids, aged 5 to 16. They come from a nearby community to our after school program. The children are tutored and are able to do their homework. They also learn about the Word of God and learn memory verses. They get a meal as they leave The Bread of Life Feeding Centre.

Dorcas Sewing Schools

The three sewing schools serve their communities by providing free classes to teach community members the skill of sewing. Here the women are able to not only learn a valuable skill allowing them to provide clothing and household goods for themselves, but they also sell these goods to bring in an income. At the end of the course, the students receive a graduation certificate along with their own sewing machine.

Happy Home Centers

The Happy Home Center was founded in 2016 to support elderly people and widows. These impoverished people receive a packet of rice and a month worth of groceries. We also preach the Word of God to them and pray for them. Each year, we select a group of people that are elderly and widowed and we continuously support them for the year. Currently this program is being run in Kadilibai Tanda.

Christmas Gift Boxes

Between 400 and 500 needy children receive Christmas gift boxes from our organization each year. We celebrate Christmas at Real India Ministries by seeing a million dollar smile on the children’s faces.

Medical Camps

Many people in remote areas received medical treatment for various ailments, had exams, and received medical attention they may not have otherwise received.

It was a wonderful time to reach people with the love of Jesus through medical care, food, fellowship and the Gospel. Our hope is that we can continue to tangibly minister to those who need to know that God loves them.

Children’s Bible Summer Camps

Our annual children’s Bible camp is an amazing time of fellowship and fun. During this camp many local children hear the gospel message and have the opportunity to meet Jesus and learn of His great love for them, often for the first time.

During the camp the kids are fed, read bible stories, and play games. The staff also gets a chance to meet many of the children’s families and invite them to attend a church service. The program has grown from 200 kids in 2009 to about 700 kids in 2020  in ten different places in the Telangana region.

School Supplies

We select different public schools in different areas for the School Supplies program. We give out notebooks when school commences after the summer vacation. When we distribute the supplies, we teach the children about discipline and values and preach a short Gospel message to them. 

Audio Bible Distribution

We distribute audio Bibles and into remote villages and to people who lack the ability to read.

Water Projects

We partner with different organizations to bring water wells and distribution systems to areas without clean water.

Pastors Conferences

We train pastors in different areas with needed information for their ministry and families. 

Pastors Support

We help pastors monthly in financial ways to run their families and ministries.

Let’s minister together.

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